TTT: Books I read in one sitting

This week's Top Ten Tuesday is 'books I read in one sitting.' I don't do this so much as an adult, but it's the best feeling when a book just gets you that way and you've actually got a day free to sit and read until you're done with it. Here are a few of my recent-ish one-sitting reads: 

My Sister the Serial Killer 

The cover and the title made me pick this up, but I got through it in a few hours. Short chapters are the best. It made me laugh a lot too, probably inappropriately. 

The Circus is Coming!

I loved Ballet Shoes back in the day but never read any of the other 'Shoes' books. This one was published as 'Circus Shoes' in the US. I spent a day in the garden with this one. The characters are interesting and it's beautifully written. I definitely need to read the others now.  

All the Princess Diaries Books

It's the diary format. So easy to read just one more entry. I loved Mia as a teenager (although she was a whinger wasn't she?) and the books made me laugh out loud without fail. I'll grab one to skim every now and again when I'm in a slump and always end up reading it cover to cover.

All the Casson books (Saffy's Angel, Indigo's Star etc.)

I read these in my teens too, but re-reading them as an adult has made me love them even more. They were written/set in the 2000's and 2010's, but there's something really classic about them. The first three are especially lovely.

Alanna the First Adventure 

I started re-reading the Alanna series last year after discovering Kel at the library, and it took me down a whole Tortall path. Kel is my fave but I think I read the first two Alanna books together in one sitting. They're just as fun as they were when I was eleven.  


I took this on one afternoon and settled in for a good cry (happy tears...mostly.) It lives up to the hype, just keep your tissues handy. 

The Pursuit of Love

A girly classic I'd not read, so obviously, right up my street. Bit of a weird one, but nice and short, and I love Nancy Mitford's sense of humour.

Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption 

It's a novella (so this is cheating really) but it's great. The film sticks very close to the original and it's very difficult not to hear Morgan Freeman's voice in your head when you're reading the narration. 

How to be Famous 

It might not have been quite one sitting, but I remember binge-reading this on boxing day and not wanting to put it down. I still think I like the first one better, but this was quicker to get into and made me feel all the emotions on the spectrum. 

The Daughter of Time 

A crime novel where the detective, laid up in a hospital bed, begins investigating the mystery of Richard III - did he really kill the princes? It sounds odd but it's a classic. The first couple of chapters are slooow and it's old fashioned, but once I was in I kept reading until I was finished. So good! 

Read any of these? What are your one-sitting reads? 


  1. I tried how to be Famous but couldn't get into it at all. How to be a Woman was so much better!

    1. I've not read How to be a Woman! I liked How to Build a Girl, which comes before this one, but it took me a while to get into. Think I liked the sequel better because I already knew the characters

  2. Ooooh, My Sister the Serial Killer got me good too - I finished that one super quick! Those short chapters get me every time!

  3. MY SISTER THE SERIAL KILLER is one I've been meaning to read. Just haven't gotten to it yet. *Sigh* So many books, so little time...

    Happy TTT!


    1. It's a nice quick one anyway - I know, so many haha

  4. Great list of books!

    If you get the chance, here’s my TTT post:

  5. Oh yeah - I forgot that I read Wonder in one sitting! I cried.

    Here's my Top Ten Tuesday list!

    1. I almost forgot about it too, definitely a weepy one

  6. I don't remember how long it took me to finish Wonder, but I know I flew through that book. It was heartwarming and feel good

  7. I didn't quite read Daughter of Time and Pursuit of Love in single sittings, but I remember their reading highs. :) And Moran, I'm dying to start reading Moran's trilogy/ series.

    1. Reading highs is a great way of putting it!


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