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'The Mitfords: Letters Between Six Sisters' Book review

I don't do a lot of straight up book reviews on here, but I felt the need for this one as otherwise I'll probably continue boring the people around me with anecdotes about these six dead women I've been reading about. I'm much too invested. Not long ago I watched a new adaptation of Nancy Mitford's novel The Pursuit of Love  (review here!) and went on to read the book, which was fun. I'd heard some vague chat about the infamous Mitford sisters and so, when I spotted this book of their letters at work, I thought I'd have a flick through. I never anticipated I'd read it cover to cover (it's huge ) but they're so bizarre and fascinating I was sucked right in. Nancy : The writer "I must say, your letter has filled me with gloom and apprehension. TROUSERS! Well, if she goes to Russia in them she'll be lynched, because no women wear them, not even those poor devils who mend the roads." - Nancy on Jessica, 1955 So basically the book is sel

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