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TTT: 10 TV Series with less than 10 episodes to watch on a rainy day

This week's Top Ten Tuesday - hosted at That Artsy Reader Girl  is "books with numbers in the title." Well, going with the numbers theme, my list today is mini-series with less than ten episodes, to binge on a rainy day. Sometimes you want an afternoon's telly, but you don't want to have to commit to lengthy unfinished series with twenty two episodes per season. Am I right? Here are a few just long enough to get lost in, but that you can leave behind once the sun comes out. Emma (4) You can't go wrong with a bit of Sunday afternoon Jane Austen, and this is my favourite Emma . It's just really cosy and Johnny Lee Miller is a very sweet Knightly. Starstruck (6) Another new-ish one that hopefully will get renewed, the premise of this is a bit like a gender-swapped  Notting Hill . The main girl meets a movie star on a night out and they have a one night stand, but then she realises who he is... It's just a really funny, relatable little rom-com, written a

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