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How to Build a Girl: Book vs Film review

I first read Caitlin Moran's How to Build a Girl when I was book-less and scanning for a lunchtime read at work (library perks.) The first page took me aback a bit, but I kept reading and discovered a book and an author that I really loved. It was weird and rambling in places, yes. The crudeness will not be for everyone. But it had a lot of heart and spoke to me about feminism and class and teenage girls in a way I've not felt from a book in a long time. It also made me laugh out loud. 

Moran also wrote the film's screenplay (it's now available on Amazon Prime) and I definitely enjoyed it. It captures the humour of the book and a lot of the spirit, but I do think there is something missing? They got a lot right though. I was worried that Joanna's house would look either massive and unrealistic or too grimy and depressing. That the family would be played for the wrong sort of comedy or else portrayed as a grim alternative to her flashy London life. But I think they g…

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