TTT: 10 TV Series with less than 10 episodes to watch on a rainy day

This week's Top Ten Tuesday - hosted at That Artsy Reader Girl is "books with numbers in the title." Well, going with the numbers theme, my list today is mini-series with less than ten episodes, to binge on a rainy day. Sometimes you want an afternoon's telly, but you don't want to have to commit to lengthy unfinished series with twenty two episodes per season. Am I right? Here are a few just long enough to get lost in, but that you can leave behind once the sun comes out.

Emma (4)

You can't go wrong with a bit of Sunday afternoon Jane Austen, and this is my favourite Emma. It's just really cosy and Johnny Lee Miller is a very sweet Knightly.

Starstruck (6)

Another new-ish one that hopefully will get renewed, the premise of this is a bit like a gender-swapped Notting Hill. The main girl meets a movie star on a night out and they have a one night stand, but then she realises who he is... It's just a really funny, relatable little rom-com, written and starring Rose Matafeo, who is definitely one to watch. 

Jane Eyre (4)

From the same screen writer (Sandy Welch) this is my favourite Jane Eyre (see also, North and South! That's four episodes too.) It's perfect for Autumn, 'Gothic' but also warm, if that makes sense? The chemistry between Jane and Rochester is on point. If you're more of an Emily fan would recommend the Tom Hardy Wuthering Heights! (2 episodes).

We Are LadyParts (6)

This is a new discovery and I hope it gets a second series. It's about a Muslim punk band and has a bit of everything, female friendship, romance, band drama, cultural issues. The first episode is a bit of an assault on the senses, but once I was in I really loved it. The acting is brill and it's just really girly and cringe-y and fun. "Bashir with the good beard" is a tune. 

Pride and Prejudice (6)

A list like this list wouldn't be complete without this classic. This has been a lazy afternoon staple for me since I was a kid, but it still makes me laugh every time. 

Alias Grace (6)

I watched this ages ago but I remember it was good. It's a period drama thriller, based on a Margaret Atwood book, about a maid who's accused of murder. But did she do it? It was really unsettling but I enjoyed it a lot. 

It's a Sin (5)

Bit different from Austen and the Brontes, but if you want a good cry this Russell T Davies drama about the AIDS epidemic will do the trick. Very well written with warm characters and lots of laughs as well as tears. It's not for the faint-hearted but worth a watch if you think you can cope.

Belgravia (6)

This Julian Fellowes drama got a lot of stick for basically not being Downton, but it's its own thing, it's a complete story and I enjoyed it. Just an easy watching period drama with some good twists and turns. 

All Creatures Great and Small (6 + a Christmas special!)

This was lovely. I've never watched the original but I think the old fans and book fans were both happy with it. It's just about a vet in Yorkshire in the thirties, very gentle and funny with nice characters. 

The Queens Gambit (7) 

Another lock-down watch, you wouldn't think you could make chess interesting on the screen, but turns out you can. Great acting, sixties fashion and I got really invested in the chess scenes. Bit dark though - drugs, child neglect, suicide etc. 

And some bonuses:

Fleabag! (12) 

So it's twelve episodes but it's complete. This lived up to the hype I thought, especially series two. It's sad and darkly funny and Phoebe Waller Bridge is brilliant. Won't be everyone's cup of tea but I love all the characters and the relationships, especially between Fleabag and her sister Claire.

Normal People
(12 - but they're only half an hour!)

If you haven't binged this yet, what exactly did you do in Lock-down? It's kind of depressing, but very good, well-acted etc. The half hour episodes are a trap, you've watched them all before you realise.

Ghosts (19... but half hours only!) 

This is my favourite comedy at the moment. It's about a young couple who get left a big old house full of ghosts, she can see them, he can't. And it's the Horrible Histories cast. It's easy watching, it doesn't try too hard, I love all the characters and it makes me laugh every episode. They've done a US remake already, but I don't think it'll be the same without the original cast.

Seen any of these? What mini-series would you recommend? 


  1. Ooh, I love love love that version of Jane Eyre -- I think that's my favorite from all the versions floating out there. And the same goes for the Colin Firth version for Pride and Prejudice, he really does manage the smitten Darcy look very well indeed. Belgravia has been on my watchlist for a while, and now I'm going to add Starstruck as well. Thanks for the wonderful TTT reclist!

    1. Thanks! That version of Jane Eyre is definitely the best!

  2. I love series that are a bit shorter- fun to binge. :) And it's funny Emma and P&P look good to me- I seem to love the Austen adaptations I've seen even though I haven't read the books.

    1. I got into Jane Austen through watching the adaptations, but the books are good too! Only one that's never had a decent adaptation is Mansfield Park I think!

  3. So many series I've loved on here: Ghosts, It's A Sin, Normal People, Fleabag and All Creatures Great and Small. The second series of All Creatures Great and Small starts in the UK on Thursday and I'm so excited for it! My dad used to read James Herriot's books to me when I was a kid and it was one of the things that made me fall in love with books.
    My TTT:

    1. Thursday!! Didn't realise it was so soon - I've been listening to the audio-book since the last series, really enjoying it!

  4. Great list! I haven't watched any of these, I'm not a huge tv fan. But I do know that several scenes for Queen's Gambit were filmed in my city. It's kind of fun seeing shows and movies being wildly successful internationally and knowing they were filmed around here. Another book related show that's filmed around here is The Handmaid's Tale.

    When you get the opportunity, I hope you'll stop by my post:

    1. Thanks! It's fun when things are filmed by me too, my city gets used as old New York a lot so lots of period drama!

  5. That's my favorite Emma adaptation, overall even though Emma herself isn't super. There are just so many funny parts plus gorgeous costumes, Mr. Knightley is hilarious, the music is gorgeous.

    That Jane Eyre has my favorite Mr. Rochester, pretty much all I was paying attention to, lol.

    I've got Queen's Gambit and All Creatures Great and Small on my list, those feel good for fall. And Starstruck sounds really fun.

    1. I love the music in that Emma! Looks-wise, Gweneth Paltrow Emma is more how I imagine her but I like how warm Romola Garai is. Toby Stephens is the best Rochester, no competition, haha.

  6. Interesting take on this week's topic. I have not seen any of these. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I LOVE that version of Jane Eyre, and of Wuthering Heights! I keep trying to find them to watch them, but they seem very elusive. Great list :)

    1. Thanks :) I know, that Wuthering Heights especially! Jane Eyre seems to be on TV a lot haha but wish they'd put Wuthering Heights on Netflix or something

  8. I love this post! Sometimes you just need a show you can get through quickly but still love!


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