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So this series of Love Island is finally coming to an end and thank God, because it sucks away your life, doesn't it? Chloe and Toby for the win? I kind of wish Liberty could have just won it on her own because I was so proud of her and the way she walked away from Jake. But I don't dislike any of them at this point to be honest. Anyway, I spotted this book tag and thought it was my type on paper, so here you go: 

RE-COUPLING: A book or author that you want to give a second try 

I read Uprooted by Naomi Novak last year and there were bits I loved and some that were kind of drag-y. I also thought there was quite a lot of show not tell when it came to characters. BUT the bits I loved were so great. I've heard some of her others are better, so I want to try Spinning Silver at least.

I GOT A TEXT: A book someone recommended to you, on or offline

A girl at work was reading Watership Down for the first time and really sold it to me. So good. I listened to the audio book with Peter Capaldi doing all the voices and would definitely pass on the recommendation. 

MUGGED OFF: A book you get gripe for liking 

When I was about thirteen I used to love Annie Dalton's Angels Unlimited/Agent Angel books. I still do, to be honest. My sister takes the mick because yes, they were cheesy and strange, and the characters were a bit one dimensional. But how can you not love time-travelling teenage guardian angels who hang out at the angel mall and have parties on the beach in their spare time? (And go to school, I'll admit that the thought of still having to go to school and do homework when you're dead was a bit disturbing.) Mel and Brice should totally have been end-game though. 

FACTOR 50: A book that went hard, for your feels, with it's content, it just did the absolute most for you

Here be Dragons by Sharon Kay Penman was an emotional roller-coaster. I don't think I've ever been as invested in a book couple's marriage ups and downs - except maybe in Gone with the Wind

GRAFTING: A book you've seen a lot of hype about, that you now want to read 

Not so much hype for the book, but I've heard good things about the Last Letter to Your Lover film. I found Me Before You an easy read, so I'd like to read this one before I go and see it! 

SHOOT YOUR SHOT: A book you'd die to read early 

So I know The Strike books will be considered a bit of a problematic fave now that JK Rowling's gone weird, but I'm too heavily invested in Strike and Robin not to wish she would just hurry up and write the next one. If I'm honest, I've not waited on a series like this since Harry Potter

CASA AMOR: A book that romanced you into buying it, even though you already have too many books to read - or one you have your eye on

I'm really not a big buyer of books (too many in the the house to distract me, plus I work in a library...) but I did end up buying basically all Leigh Bardugo's books this year, prepping for Shadow and Bone!

HEAD'S BEEN TURNED: A book everyone should read right now, even if you're in the middle of something else 

I always think Diana Wynne-Jones's Chrestomanci series needs more love. Howl's Moving Castle was good, but Charmed Life and The Lives of Christopher Chant are better.

BANTER: A book that made you laugh, or you think is really well written

I glanced at a new Wimpy Kid book in work, from Rowley's perspective. Made me laugh more in three pages than I've laughed at a book in so long. My sense of humour is clearly quite simple.

ON PAPER: A book with all the qualities that you love, that you're looking forward to reading 

I bought all the Beka Cooper books in readiness for finishing with Aly - but I hit a wall with that girl. Maybe I was just Tortall-ed out, but her duology failed to grip me, unlike all the Tamora Pierce I read previously. I think I'll prefer the Beka books though: diary style, shy, common-born heroine, police procedural style stories in a fantasy world? I really want to get the love back. 

Have you been watching Love Island?


  1. This is a great post, gave me so much food for thought. And I hear you on Rowling going weird. Still haven't come to terms with it. But I didn't know there's a show about Strike! I'm going to look it up, thanks~

    1. Thanks! Same, I can't cope with her, but the Strike TV series is really well done I think. Love the casting especially, they've done all of them but Troubled Blood so far

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