TTT: Writers I'd Love to Meet (Dead and Alive)

So, I realise it's not Tuesday anymore, but my internet stopped working when I tried to put this up yesterday. This week's Top Ten (hosted at That Artsy Reader Girl) is all about authors you'd love to meet. I'm extending that to writers as I have a few screenwriter heroes and heroines too. 

Jane Austen 
Because she's the queen and I reckon she'd be good fun. Plus I'd try and get her to make up futures for Mary and Kitty Bennet for me. 

Margaret Mitchell
Because did they get back together or not???

J.K Rowling
I'm not sure whether I want to let her know how much her books have meant to me or give her a good shake and tell her to LEAVE THEM ALONE NOW. What was Cursed Child? Just what.

William Shakespeare
Is it sad that I really want to know what happened to Love's Labour's Won? Don't answer that.

Sally Wainwright
Because she seems nice and she's also a genius of a screenwriter. 

Karen McCullah and Kirsten Smith

I love all of their films (10 Things I Hate About You, Legally Blonde, She's the Man, The Ugly Truth, Ella Enchanted...) Also I was watching interviews with them recently and they seem great. I love the sound of their work day too. That would literally be my dream.

Charlotte Bronte
Of all the characters in any book, I've never felt more on a level with someone as I did with Jane Eyre. I feel like Charlotte Bronte put a lot of herself into the character so hopefully we'd get on?

George R.R. Martin
Because I feel like he'd be open to discussing his characters in great depth (just as long as you didn't bring up the elephant in the room named procrastination. I really don't think he is ever going to finish those books.) And I'd like to talk to him about English history as you can tell he's into all that with 

Sarah Phelps
I really liked her adaptation of Oliver Twist and I listened to this BBC Writersroom podcast with her - she sounds like my kind of woman.

Diana Wynne-Jones
Because no-one seems to have read her stuff (I know they have really but I can't find these people) and I've been dying to have intense discussions about Chrestomanci and co. since I read those books as a kid. 

What writers would you like to meet? 


  1. George would be FASCINATING to talk about his characters with. That's what keeps me coming back to those books...I enjoy the plots and all but his work with characters is really good!

    1. It's his characters I love too, they all so complicated and interesting!

  2. I almost put Martin on my list too. To meet him just to ask if he is ever going to finish the next book :-)

    1. I wouldn't be surprised if he never did :(

  3. Ahhh ahha I don't think George RR Martin is finishing his books either.😂Which is a huge shame, but at least the show will probably finish and tie us all over?! Also I have so many questions for JK Rowling too...😂

    1. Yeah, I trust the show to tie up the loose ends well. But if I'd been invested in the books from the start i think i'd be fuming!

  4. I probably couldn’t stop myself from telling George RR Martin to hurry up. Also, I totally agree about Cursed Child. What even was that? Why did it need to exist?

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. I know, the 'nineteen years later' was bad enough! It might have had good special effects, but the story was just a big no.


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