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So this post is mainly in response to the fact that Brooklyn has been nominated for a few Oscars, but none are for costume. What is that all about? The story of an Irish immigrant in 1950's New York, I thought the clothes were the best bit about Brooklyn - other than Saiorse Ronan's star turn as Eilis - and they deserve some recognition!

Costume designer, Odile Dicks-Mireaux, sourced everything from the era in which the film is set, dressing Eilis and the other characters in head to toe vintage. The character's wardrobe slowly changes as she gains in confidence and settles into her American life - trading plain house dresses, woolly jumpers and dull hues for brightly coloured dresses and cardies and full fifties skirts.

One thing that this film made me realise, is that girls with pale Irish skin (like myself) need to be wearing colour. The scene where Eilis was choosing her swimming costume made we want to go and throw out everything black that I own.

For the scenes in which Eilis is working in a fashionable clothes shop, her outfits are work- smart, and more expensive looking than her usual day-wear. The costume designer was inspired by the uniforms worn by Employees of Macy's department store in a similar era, but decided that the staff in the fictional shop would have been allowed to choose their clothes from their workplace to promote the store (like shop assistants today.) (source)

I think my favourite dress was the yellow one below, but my favourite overall outfit was the little navy jumper with the black gingham skirt. The fifties silhouettes are so lovely - time to bring them back?

I love the fifties accessories too - cats-eye sunglasses, vintage handbags, smart hats and gloves - why does no-one wear hats any-more? 

Another thing to note, is that the characters re-wear recognisable items of clothing. I liked this a lot - both because it was realistic, but also because it was fun to spot the same pieces crop up, and see what they had been paired with each time. 

Brooklyn was a lovely film, and I'm glad it's been it's in the running for the Oscars. Definitely worth a watch if just for the costumes alone. I've included the trailer below, but true to usual trailer form, it's full of spoilers - just so you know. 




    The costumes are to DIE for. I especially love her orange 'suit', with the pencil skirt. She looks so grown up and gorgeous in it.

    1. I love the orange suit too! I read somewhere that the costume designer found it in a charity or vintage shop and it just happened to fit the actress :)


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