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Hi! So welcome to Based on the Book - basically my attempt to compare and contrast books I've read with their screen incarnations. Jane Austen once said that the person "who has not pleasure in a good novel, must be intolerably stupid" and (although I can see where she was going with this) I disagree. Not everyone is a natural reader, and maybe this novel hating person - stupid or not - just needs a decent film adaptation to spark their interest? Myself an avid T.V watcher, as well as a bookworm (I do have a life, I promise) I've decided to be fair in this blog, when it comes to all adaptations, and admit that sometimes, they do live up to expectations. And of course, they always serve a purpose. If I like a film and discover that a book came first, I'll usually seek out the source material. Similarly, if I've read a good book I'll often follow it up with any screen version  I can find - just to keep it in the mind a little while longer. Of course, this can be dangerous. It's rare that an adaptation of a beloved book can please everybody - in fact I'd say its impossible - but either way I'll watch, since I'll be curious until I do.

So here come my opinions - I'm sure I'll rant and rave a bit in the process of giving them, but overall my verdict will be one of the following:

1) As good as it gets
The casting's good, the script is good - but some of my favourite scenes are necessarily missing.

2)They got the point
Where the essence of the film/series is the same, but the plot is changed slightly for dramatic or time purposes.

3) Good... until that part
Where everything's going great - until they change the plot massively for no reason - to the detriment of the film/series.

4)Why oh why
When they change everything I loved about the book - and the film/series is still awful.

5) Well that was... different
When the film/series can be enjoyed in its own right - but it wasn't the book you read.

6)Nice surprises
When the screenwriter makes changes that you actually approve of - and you feel less geeky as a result.

7)Making life easier
When a huge/literary/overly descriptive/boring book is turned into a good film - and you don't have to bother reading it.

8)Making Miracles
When a crappy book makes a great film/series.

So here are my ratings, and hopefully soon, I'll have some reviews to match them to :)


  1. 1. I think Twilight works well in this category
    3. I know there's one but I just can't think of it...
    4. Eragon!!!!!!!!
    5. How to Train your Dragon
    6. *Fingers cross* Mockingjay
    7. *cough* Lord of the Rings

    1. Agreed! Though i still havent read or seen how to train your dragon... I had one for 3 but i forgot it - maybe hp 6 with the burning burrow?


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