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TTT: Top Ten Dynamic Duos

Hey, it's been a while! Back with another Top Ten Tuesday, this one was fun. (If you want to link up, head to  That Artsy Reader Girl  to join in.) I didn't go specific this time, so some of my duos are friends, some are kind of couples, some are siblings and some are found family. Enjoy!  Will and Marcus - About a Boy   An odd-couple friendship between an immature thirty-something and an eccentric eleven year old, I love them both despite their quirks and stories about found family are always nice. Saffy and Sarah - Saffy's Angel   Saffy's from a big loving family but she still always felt a bit lost, until she met Sarah, the loud, posh and rebellious girl in a wheelchair from down the street. The Casson books aren't about their friendship, but it's one of the great things that stands out within the series. Frodo and Sam - The Lord of the Rings Merry and Pippin are the most duo-y duo in LotR, but Sam and Frodo are the most heart-warming and probably have the bi

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