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Peaky Blinders Book Tag!

I've been re-watching Peaky Blinders in anticipation for the final series (when will we get a release date? When??) and I'm in that obsessive stage where I'm thinking about it a lot. Set between the two world wars and following a gangster family in Birmingham (England) it's violent and manly, sometimes a bit slow and makes smoking look cooler than any series in these more enlightened times has a right to. But the characters are so interesting and the writing, the direction, the music, the look - it's just so good . Anyway, I made a book tag. It's an original, but the images are not my own. Feel free to give it a try if it interests you.   (Includes some mild Peaky Blinders spoilers, if you've not seen it!) Tommy   (Pick your favourite antihero) Tommy Shelby is head of the Peaky Blinders, intelligent, ruthless and kind of a terrible person since the war and his ambition messed him up. He's the hero, but not such a good guy (those eyes tho...)  When it c

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